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Miss. Governor Candidate Insists Female Reporter Should Have a Man With Her

“I wanted to cover Foster because I love my job," reporter Larrison Campbell of Mississippi Today tweeted. "His campaign refused my request because they sexualized me."

A female reporter who was denied access to a Mississippi gubernatorial candidate because he didn’t want to be seen spending time alone with a woman who is not his wife says, “How’s that not sexism?” 

The candidate meanwhile is using the controversy in a campaign fundraising email that says the "liberal media" and Hollywood "are attacking me for my Christian faith and choosing not to be alone with another woman," according to a report in Mississippi Today.

One of Mississippi Today's reporters, Larrison Campbell, revealed Tuesday that when she asked to follow Republican candidate Robert Foster on the campaign trail, his staff said she would have to bring a male colleague along. Foster told The Associated Press he made the request because "it's unprofessional to be alone with a woman who's not my wife."

Campbell reported that Foster’s team insisted she comply, even though his male campaign manager would be with them, because the candidate didn’t want to risk the optics of people thinking that he and she had an improper relationship.

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