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Why Tom Brady Should Listen to Julian Edelman and ‘Baby Come Back'

Brady, 42, is set to become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career in March

By now, you’ve probably seen Julian Edelman’s post on social media. If you haven’t, the Patriots wide receiver Photoshopped his head over that of John Cusack in the iconic boombox scene in the 1980s teen classic “Say Anything.” His caption? “Baby come back.” 

And you know what? I’m with Edelman. I think Patriots Nation is with me, too. I really do hope the greatest quarterback of all time finishes his career in New England.

And I know, I know. It takes two to tango. It may all come down to Robert Kraft giving Bill Belichick the final say in it all and the future Hall of Fame coach may want to move on from the soon-to-be 43-year-old. 

So my boombox would be a message to both Belichick and Brady. FIGURE IT OUT!

The thought of Brady in another uniform makes me sad. I remember seeing Emmitt Smith in that ridiculous Cardinals jersey after his legendary run with the Cowboys and felt sick watching it. Same thing when Joe Montana was traded to the Chiefs. Even the legendary 49ers quarterback had some advice to Brady during Super Bowl week.

“Don’t – if you don’t have to,” Montana said when asked if Brady should play for another team. “It’s not easy to go to another team and get accepted, no matter how much success you’ve had and how many years you’ve played,” he said. 

Brady idolized Montana growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope he listens to that advice. 

Could you see him in a Chargers helmet? Yuck. Titans? Nah. Dolphins? Gross. Okay maybe he’d look cool in silver and black with the Raiders, but still… does that feel like a better fit than the Patriots? 

Belichick needs Brady and Brady needs Belichick. That’s why they have six Super Bowl titles together. I know I sound nostalgic, but I am also realistic here, too. I think the Patriots still have one more run in them with this super dynasty. Go big one last time.

Obviously, both sides are going to have to come to terms that they can’t get everything they want. Brady wants money and weapons? That’s not realistic. Getting Brady weapons should be the top priority and I truly believe that’s ultimately what he wants first. My hope is that Kraft and Belichick can get in a room with Brady and express that’s what they’ll do. And they can give him a contract that makes sure he’ll finish his career as a Patriot. 

It’s time to go ALL IN. Win now. While you may have found Brady’s successor, you already traded him away. Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t walking through that door to take over and since that trade, the Pats have already been to two Super Bowls and won a title. 

If it wasn’t for a bad loss to Miami, they would have had a bye in 2019 which they desperately needed. So keep it going in 2020 and build that offense.  There’s a lot of free agents out there that can make Tommy happy. And I know it was considered a “down year” for Brady last year, but he still put up good numbers. And that was with a banged up offensive line, a banged up Edelman, no Gronk and a lack of talent at wide receiver. 

I understand you want to think about the future of this organization, but wouldn’t you want to try to win one more while you have the chance now? If it fails, I’d rather see it fail with Brady under center. And if you feel like Jarrett Stidham is the future, then a couple years under Brady wouldn’t be too bad, would it? It certainly benefited Jimmy G.

With Mookie Betts in the midst being shipped off to Los Angeles, I don’t want Boston to deal with more of this bad news. I don’t like the way it’s trending, but maybe the Belichick can find a way to make this work.  

So I’ll leave this right here. “Brady come back!”

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