Get to Know Sport Climbing, One of the Olympics' New Events

Sport climbing, a triathlon-like climbing sport, is one of the newest events on display at the Tokyo Olympics this year

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A number of sports will make their Olympic debut in Tokyo this year, including sport climbing. Its athletes are reaching new heights.

Once considered a fringe sport, this vertical, triathlon-like competition has achieved mainstream popularity in Boston and across the world. Kasia Pietras of the MetroRock Climbing Centers said the sport has exploded in the past five years, with 15 or more gyms in the Boston area.

“Now that it is in the Olympics, I think it’s awesome for the sport,” she said. 

Claire Gingo, a climber and youth instructor at the center, also said she’s looking forward to watching the sport at this year’s Olympics, and hopes to learn a thing or two from the athletes. 

“I’m excited for all of the cool moves,” she said. “I think it’ll bring innovation to the way we are coaches here at the gym.”

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