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Two Red Sox Players Test Positive for Coronavirus

Darwinzon Hernandez and Josh Taylor both had positive test results. The team is awaiting another player's results.

Two Red Sox players have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Red Sox Manager Ron Roenicke. 

Red Sox Manager Ron Roeneicke did not provide names or the number of infections, but the team confirmed they have positive COVID-19 cases.

Darwinzon Hernandez and Josh Taylor had positive test results. Another player’s test results are still pending. 

Friday was the first day for players and staff to return to Fenway Park for summer training camp as Major League Baseball prepares to resume its 2020 season. 

In order to resume safely, the league and players' union instituted strict testing protocols.

Players and staff will be tested several times a week, throughout the week, all season long.

"All Red Sox testing is being facilitated by MLB through a separate testing facility the league has established to avoid competing with public testing needs," the Red Sox said in a statement.

At least one player had tested positive before summer camp began. Last week, the Red Sox said a player on the roster was found to have the virus while in his hometown.

Other sports leagues have implemented testing protocols designed to make sure that players with the virus are kept away from those who don't have it. 

Red Sox players will now use suites located at right field, as locker rooms, according to a statement from the Red Sox. Two players will be assigned per suite. Spaces within the existing clubhouse will be reassigned to ensure players and staff can properly distance themselves while using the facilities. The plan is to utilize them throughout the season.

Turf has been laid down the concourse of Fenway Park as well as exercise bikes and weights to ensure proper airflow and distancing.

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