A Taste of Spring: Rainy Tomorrow, Then Sunshine With Temps in the 70s

Rain moves in Wednesday afternoon and evening, but by Friday we're looking at sunshine and some temperatures in the 70s

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This mild weather has left us to enjoy more outdoor activities, being able to dress without the heavy coats and an extra daylight hour to pursue a later sunset.

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Sprinkles and showers start Wednesday evening

While highs reach the upper 50s inland, the breeze will keep temperatures cooler near the shore. We're wrapping up the day with temperatures falling and feeling in the mid-30s late this evening. Our lows drop to the 30s tonight and our cloud coverage will increase by tomorrow morning; our offshore storm will bring showers south of New England late morning. You'll find showers by 11 a.m. south and more widespread precipitation growing by the afternoon.

NBC10 Boston
NBC10 Boston

The rain will stretch into southern New Hampshire by the evening bringing total precipitation amounts to add less than half an inch.

Sunny and warm with a chance at the 70s Friday

We'll work our way into drying in the overnight hours which will set up the stage for the pick of the week: Friday! Fri-yay for many, will bring an increase to our highs reaching 60s and a few 70s. It will be sunny and warm: “a picture-perfect Friday” before more rain moves in this weekend. 

The rain will come widespread for much of New England with the exception of Maine where cooler temperatures will allow for the chance of wintry precipitation. The snow showers will likely stretch down into VT & NH on Sunday. The southern states will likely see a wet start to the day on Sunday with a northeast movement through the afternoon which might allow for the southern states to dry out in the afternoon/evening. Rainfall amounts are likely adding up close to an inch in the most affected spots on Saturday with less precipitation on Sunday. Highest wind gusts will likely remain in the far southeast. 

Astronomical spring also begins Sunday, we're reaching mid-50s that day. Next week will kick off with a low chance of rain, highs in the 50s & bright afternoons.

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