Chilly Air Takes Hold But Temps Warm Up Later This Week

Chilly air has taken over for the next couple of days

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After a weekend that saw five (!) tornadoes drop in across Connecticut and Rhode Island, it’s time to calm the waters as we watch the temperature swing back and forth.

You’ll get no warmth in the short term, however. Chilly air has taken over for the next couple of days, and as the northwest wind stiffens tonight, it will chill to the bone. The airmass actually gets a bit colder tomorrow, with many spots struggling to even get to 50 degrees.

While the winds back off, we’re looking at some cold starts in the morning. Boston (Logan Airport to be exact) even has the potential to make it to near freezing by Wednesday morning.

But Wednesday is also the transition day. From the moment we wake all the way through Thursday afternoon, the temperature will be rising. We’ll start in the 20s and low 30s, and climb right to the mid and upper 60s. It’s a freakish warmup, the likes we have seen since….the first weekend in November. Yeah, this is becoming old hat for this wild month.

Longer range guidance is suggesting the chill will come back with a vengeance later in the week and carry into the weekend. There are signs that the pattern may stay chilly into Thanksgiving week too – after a brief wet spell in the early part of the week. Things are still a bit jumpy in the pattern, however, so check back for updates.

Enjoy your week!

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