Cloudy and Cool, Sun to Peek Through on Mother's Day

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While it’s not sunny and mild in southern New England, it’s been a fabulous day overall, all things considered.

Rain has been leaving and the chance of showers will be gone by tomorrow morning for the far south shores. Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, however, have been enjoying plenty more sunshine and milder temperatures. Our wind has been gusting near 40 mph since early in the morning and they refuse to leave us; we’ll keep the wind gusting strong through Tuesday.  

The flow will remain from the east-northeast, therefore, considering our ocean temperatures in the 40s. Our coastal communities temperatures remain cool as well. Today’s the coolest day of the weekend, we see highs not getting past mid-50s for most of us, but tomorrow we’ll enjoy some 60s inland and through the north and northeast. 

While it won’t be the most ideal of afternoons, tomorrow brings some relief in the clouds and a better chance to watch some more sun inland. Our temperatures will have the chance to rise a bit more, but our coastal wind will keep it strong and overall cool. If you’re planning for an outdoor dining experience for mom, consider loose light objects like napkins and paper plates could be blown away.

If you’ve been working on your garden, you might also want to keep watering it; our next few days will remain cool but dry. We’ll see rain chances coming back by mid-week and that’s also when we’ll see somewhat of a relief in the wind and the temperatures.

Our highs will start to climb a bit more in our coastal communities as well, and we could see some upper 60s with even some 70s along the far end of our work week. Keeping it here between us, some 80s might also appear in some inland communities next Friday/Saturday. Start getting ready for a warmer pattern coming through in the 10-day forecast.

We’ll keep you updated of all changes, have a wonderful weekend.

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