Cloudy, Comfortable Tuesday Ahead of Mid-Week Showers

Afternoon storms are possible Wednesday and Thursday

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As we glide closer to the unofficial end of summer, cool mornings like this one are reminding us the warm days are numbered.

While the finest days of the year (arguably) lie ahead this month, there will be some chilly times too. Today and tomorrow fall in the mild category, however. Highs recover to the low and mid 70s as we await the arrival of a few showers tomorrow.

This isn’t going to put a dent in the drought, however. We’ll be lucky to put a few hours of rain together as this weak system limps through. Granted, it is pushing soon-to-be Tropical Storm Nana out to sea. It still would have been nice to get some respectable water out of the many clouds we’ll see.

There's a better chance for storms Thursday as the true front swings through. Even here, the soupy, heavy air could have, would have, should have been able to conjure up some serious water. Instead, we’re banking on the “chance” for an afternoon storm.

Heat will back off heading into the holiday weekend, which, at this point, looks stellar.

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