New England

Enjoy This Mild, Quiet Weather Before Cool and Rainy Days Arrive

Rain chances are increasing across New England

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What an incredible stretch of mild weather here in New England!

Our highs Wednesday varied from the upper 60s north to low 70s south. And this great weather came as perfect timing for the game at Fenway, when by first pitch, we had temperatures in the upper 60s, wind from the northwest (and fortunately losing strength, since our wind gusts have been reaching 25 mph in some spots today).

Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon with mild weather: sunny skies, low dew points and no rain in the forecast. That, however, will change a bit for Vermont and New Hampshire Thursday, when a warm front will push in warmer temperatures that will take us closer to the mid 70s in Boston and southern New England while also increasing our moisture in the air. Our dew points will be increasing, from the 40s Wednesday to the upper 50s Thursday.

Rain chances also make it to New Hampshire and Vermont by early afternoon Thursday and linger up to 4 p.m. into New Hampshire, but exit the area on time for a nice sunset. 

The next chance for showers comes in overnight Thursday into Friday, but exit early in the morning, likely out before sunrise. 

Even though Friday morning is set to be a bit warmer, the afternoon will stay in the upper 60s and low 70s (less warm than Thursday), this is because of the passage of that frontal boundary that will push in a cooler airmass. There's a chance for scattered showers and a decrease in dew points after it exits. 

Sunday will be the pick of the weekend, with drier weather and sunny skies. Temperatures by then will top out in the 50s and decrease even more for Monday and Tuesday. Most of the temperatures will already be reaching below average for this time of the year.

Rain chances will also be higher next week. Enjoy this mild and quiet weather before the cool and rainy days arrive next week. 

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