Freezing Rain Creates Slick Road Conditions Wednesday Morning

We’re either looking at very little precipitation overall, or a potentially plowable snow (for some) on Sunday

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The roads are a bit slippery in spots this morning – mainly north and west of Route 128.

NBC10 Boston's weather warrior was out on the roads Friday morning. Many of the major roads were treated, but side roads were slick and the conditions varied depending on location.

Boston to Framingham was icy for some time, but conditions have since improved with just light precipitation. The area along Route 495 and Route 2 was more concerning, where freezing rain showers were creating icy conditions.

NBC10 Boston's Weather Warrior hits slick spots on the roadways Wednesday morning.

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Conditions were expected to get better between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and then significantly improve after 9 a.m.

Cold air will peel away quickly as the morning wears on, and the latest guidance is swiftly moving this weather system along for the afternoon. We’re expecting some limited sun to sneak in before it sets.

Highs are still hovering in the 40s for many. Exceptions exist farther north and west towards Nashua and Worcester, where highs only reach the upper 30s, AND farther south to Plymouth, where we’ll be knocking on the door of 50 or better.

Cold envelops us once again tomorrow, but skies remain bright. Closing in on the holiday weekend, the pattern is pretty fragmented with weak weather systems and small chances at snow or showers. While Friday’s festive snow looks to coat the ground in spots, the weekend is a lot less certain.

Depending on the model you chose, we’re either looking at very little precipitation overall, or a potentially plowable snow (for some) on Sunday. It’s no surprise that there’s a disparity, to be honest. Very fast flow coming into the west ripples across the country, creating timing and intensity issues all the way to the Maritime provinces.

Right now, my initial impulse is NOT to overreact, and stay the course at some light mix for both Saturday and Sunday. Friday, however, I’m optimistic that someone will at least get a coating of snow. Close enough for a white Christmas?

Enjoy the holiday week and travel safe!

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