Fresh, Dry Air Continues Thursday Before Humidity Rises

We turn the corner Friday into slightly more humid air

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Sunny weather rolls on. Fresh, dry air was present through yesterday, and it spills over into today and most of tomorrow. Speaking of fresh, our morning temps started out in the 40s in some places, but thanks to the fact that the nights are short, it didn’t get too cool.

We’re adding a couple of degrees to today's temperatures. Instead of yesterday’s 77, we should hit 79 to 80 in Boston and and low to mid 80s tomorrow. Also tomorrow, we turn the corner and head into slightly more humid air.

Father’s Day Weekend is looking good overall, but there’s a bit on concern for thunderstorms on Saturday. Our latest guidance is hinting at the idea that there may be some risk of severe weather in the afternoon.

Right now the signals are strong and a little ominous, but we’re hoping that things will mellow in the next day or two so that there will simply be a general thunderstorm threat.

Plenty to play out in the next day, so we’ll weave through the ins and outs of each model run (forecast projections given every 6 hours). Just be aware that there may be a passing storm after 2pm through the evening hours, and be ready to take cover.

For now, Father’s Day is the pick of the weekend. Heat will still be around, so it might be a good idea to plan a trip to the beach. Just make sure he stays away from the whales.

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