Summer Sun Makes a Brief Comeback Between Showers

We’re still in the same old wet weather pattern, which becomes more apparent by the weekend

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Sure, there might be a bit of morning fog in spots, but this won’t take until 4 p.m. to burn off. It’s the typical summer fare that will fade quickly as the sun climbs higher in the morning sky.

Temperatures warm up quickly as well. Highs soar back to the 80s under a mostly sunny afternoon. For the first time since June 28, there is no rain expected today for most. This could be the first time in 16 days that not even a trace of rain will fall.

Before you breakout the champagne, there is a chance of brief rain on a sea breeze front toward dinner time for some of us.

We’re still in the same ol’ wet pattern. That will become more apparent by the weekend (unfortunately) and because this is the tail end of a very long wet spell, it’s going to be hard to stomach. One. More. Time.

Put that aside for a moment, however. There’s some stellar beach weather ahead. Friday seems like the better of the two beach days as the highs jump from the low 80s of today to the upper 80s tomorrow. (And there won’t be any fog to fight off tomorrow, either.)

There is the smallest chance at a storm tomorrow afternoon with a weak front approaching especially out near Worcester, but the coastal communities should be spared any storm threat.

Now back to the weekend. We’re pretty certain Sunday is the wetter of the two days, with off and on showers along a stalled front. But Saturday remains the tricky forecast in terms of timing the rain and storms. Some guidance puts it in here early in the day, while other guidance keeps it away until late day. We’ll get more insight on the timing later today.

Suffice it to say, the weekend isn’t all that dandy. We’ll even struggle on Monday with gray skies and cool temps. Tuesday is brighter, but another shower or storm will loom in the afternoon.

Before you throw in the towel on July (or rant at your favorite meteorologist), there is hope for the rest of next week’s forecast. Signs are pointing to a small shift towards brighter, drier and cooler air from Wednesday on.

Mind you, these are small hints in the forecast, but it’s looking more promising than we’ve seen all month. Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the sun and sand.

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