Super Summer Stretch Extends Through the End of the Week

Temperatures will near 90 for the Summer Solstice – the first day of astronomical summer - Saturday

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While the fantastic stretch of weather will continue for several more days in New England, there are plenty of subtle features that are noteworthy. The cool start this morning was certainly one notable item, with low temperatures in the 40s for many under clear skies and a calm wind with dry air. 

While dry air cools easily under clear and calm conditions at night, it also warms quickly during the day with sunshine…and we’ll have plenty of sun with nary a cloud in the sky Tuesday. Of course, the ample sunshine will deliver an extreme UV index, so New Englanders are encouraged to remember sunscreen to avoid sunburns through the end of the week. 

As was the case Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will bring a sea breeze off the 60 to 65 degree ocean water to keep temperatures about 5-10 degrees cooler in coastal communities than inland. This light flow of wind and associated ocean moisture will make early morning clouds a possibility on Cape Cod and perhaps Cape Ann Wednesday and Thursday mornings, but whatever gray sky develops would be thin and burn off quickly. 

Otherwise, comfortable air continues until the wind becomes more southerly Thursday, bumping humidity up just a bit ahead of noticeably stickier air Friday into the weekend. Temperatures will near 90 for the Summer Solstice – the first day of astronomical summer - Saturday.

Even as humidity and heat increases and temperatures reach 90 degrees for some of New England Friday through the weekend, the storm chance remains fairly limited until later in the weekend and early next week. Leftover energy from the persistent rains in the southeast and mid-Atlantic will ride northward and bring an increased chance of afternoon scattered showers and thunder from Father’s Day afternoon onward in the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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