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Wednesday Warmup Follows Freezing Rain

Temps in southern New England will reach the upper 40s to low 50s on a gusty south wind

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Freezing drizzle has developed overnight, turning to freezing rain.

As we continue through the morning and afternoon we see freezing rain and showers becoming more widespread. A warming trend continues, which will help to melt away any light ice accumulation (around a glaze) in higher terrain of New England. Boston stays too warm for ice, but it’s areas northwest and outside 128 that we are concerned about through late morning.

Temps stay close enough to freezing in northern New England and in the mountains all day that a light wintry mix hangs around through evening. Temps in southern New England will reach the upper 40s to low 50s on a gusty south wind.  Scattered rain continues through the early evening, heading offshore and off of Cape Cod after dinnertime. 

Thursday we have a break in storms as high pressure briefly takes over and the sky clears. Expecting sunshine early in the day, with clouds rolling in by nightfall.  Highs reach the upper 30s to lower 30s far north. 

Friday brings in a winter storm and a First Alert day for snow. The forecast models are in agreement that we will see plowable snow for Boston and much of New England. We also see agreement on a quick moving storm, impacting the Friday morning commute the most.

We are uncertain on the track or where the rain/snow line will set up. This will affect our snow totals and who could see more snowfall versus rain. For now, several inches of snow is expected for Boston (4-6 inches, roughly), and 1-4 inches in northern and western New England. 

Stay tuned for updates on this storm and snow totals. Any wobble in the track could have a significant impact on how much snow Boston will get.    

The weekend is split with a cold and sunny day Saturday as highs stay in the 20s.  Sunday we jump into the low 40s with scattered rain showers. We see a signal of significant cold especially around Tuesday with some of the coldest temps this season. We have sun and dry weather through midweek.

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