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Storm Moves Out, Leaves Icy Roads Behind

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    The Storm Moves Out

    Today (Wednesday): Cold wind, building clouds, snow showers. Highs around 30, wind chill in the 10s. Overnight Wednesday Night: Clearing, patchy ice. Lows around 20, wind chill near zero. Thursday: Sun to clouds, highs in the 30s. (Published Wednesday, March 15, 2017)

    She was a doozy.

    In Northern New England, the snow came down sideways. Cities like Burlington, Vermont cracked the top 5 for all-time March snowfall. In Southern New England, we officially made blizzard criteria (3 or more hours of winds to 35+ and visibility less than 1/4 mile) in Lawrence. The jackpot came in on outer Rt. 2 with Hubbardston at 16". Another mini max was in the Merrimack Valley with While Boston and the South Shore dodged a bullet with the snow, there was enough to cause headaches and snarl traffic.

    The final hand to play out with this nasty nor'easter is the wind... and the cold. Temperatures are falling back as of this typing through Central Massachusetts as the cold comes in from the west on a northwest wind.

    All spots that were above freezing will fall back tonight, hardening the slush to concrete by morning. Beware of slippery spots and black ice.

    As we turn the page, the pattern turns quiet and cold in the coming days. No warm-ups, no storms, and no break from the wind. It gusts through Thursday - at speeds just enough to be annoying - and pins down the cold across all of New England.

    We're eying another storm by the weekend. Fear not, this is a weaker storm with lighter amounts. Right now it seems to be focusing on the South Shore/Cape, but it also appears to cast a wide net for lighter accumulations.

    Our guard is up and "winter" holds on.