Summer Warmth For the Weekend, With Scattered Showers

There is rain in our weekend forecast, but by no means a washout, so don’t cancel any plans

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Though it is a very busy weather map, it is rather quiet here in New England. There is a major storm strengthening north of Bermuda, and backing toward us a little bit, but it’s still hundreds of miles away.

In Great Falls, Montana, where it snowed the first week of September 2020, a few inches of snow are on the ground again this morning. That’s eight months from first to last snowfall there! And once again showers and thunderstorms are developing in hard hit Texas and Louisiana.

But here in New England we’ve managed to stay between all of these storm systems.
This morning we have a few clouds coming in Southeastern Massachusetts from that storm way out to sea. But these clouds should ease, though a large ground swell and big surf is headed toward Cape Cod for the weekend.

The weather pattern in the eastern United States features air coming out of the gulf of Mexico then going straight north through the great lakes into Ontario, then coming around back down into New England.

That has kept us on the warm side, with relatively low humidity. But the steering currents are going to start tracking the heavier clouds and some rain showers our way.

We thought that might happen yesterday, then we thought it might happen today. Now it looks like we are mostly again dry again today, and even into parts of tomorrow. But there is rain in our weekend forecast, by no means a washout, so don’t cancel any plans.

With partly to mostly sunny skies today, just a shower north, high temperature well into the 80s, some white cooler at the beaches with a light breeze from the east and then the south.

The best chance for a shower today is in far Northern New England.
Waves of low pressure rippling to our north should draw in warm to hot air in for our weekend. With enough sunshine a few spots make it close to 90°. But humidity is on the way up, it’s actually going to feel a bit uncomfortable, especially sleeping tomorrow night.

We should be mostly dry along the coast and southern and eastern New England, but there may be some fog and low clouds to burn off each morning. Meanwhile instability showers and a thunderstorm threat exists for most of western and northern New England tomorrow.

Sunday will likely start off dry, and if we get enough sunshine a few spots are going to be close to 90° before a front plows from north to south. there will be an abrupt cloud and rain shower when the front arrives from north to south late morning to evening. The temperature will probably fall 10 to 15° within two hours as the wind comes in from the north late in the day and at night.

That should set up a beautiful seasonable Monday with temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

Then rapid-fire changes next week with a warm front going by on Tuesday, then a cold front on Wednesday night. It’s a temperature roller coaster headed into a long memorial day weekend. At this point it looks like next weekend starts off on the cooler side but also starting off dry, as seen in our First Alert 10-day forecast.

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