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  • Education Jun 12, 2023

    Boston-based nonprofit brings kids to the courtroom to teach the legal system

    The Boston-based nonprofit Discovering Justice has been working with students to help them learn about the legal system and their rights. The idea is to give the kids knowledge, skills and motivation to build and sustain an equitable democracy. At the elementary school level they may discuss justice on the playground and in the classroom. In middle and high school,...

  • Business Mar 22, 2023

    ‘Nobody Can Hold You Back:' Partnership Supports Black-Owned Green Energy Business

    Efforts to expand the Massachusetts green economy are fueling all kinds of business opportunities. A partnership between a nonprofit and a green energy company is an example of the work being done to help companies expand their footprint and close the racial wealth gap. The phones are usually busy at Green Energy Mechanical in Canton. From the office to the…

  • Massachusetts Mar 1, 2019

    George Washington and Martha: Together Again

    It was a simple gesture — a birthday card — that brought them together. George Washington Toma and Edith Martha Rothman had never met, but they share a connection that led to a very special moment in Weymouth, Massachusetts. George and “Martha” were both born Feb. 22, the same day as our nation’s first president, George Washington. This year, Edith...

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