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Answering your last-minute tax prep questions

The tax deadline is upon us. For most Americans, that day is April 15, but Massachusetts and Maine residents will have until April 17 to file their taxes this year. If you still have some last-minute ...

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  • Apr 8

    Protecting yourself from data breaches

    More than 600,000 Massachusetts residents have been impacted by a data breach this year alone.

  • NBC10 Boston Responds Apr 4

    Stuck with a prepaid phone that wouldn't activate, NH woman turns to NBC10 Boston Responds

    What good is a new phone if you can’t use it? When a Greenville, New Hampshire, woman couldn’t get her phone activated, she contacted our NBC10 Boston Responds team as a last resort.  Holly Patterson says she isn’t interested in fancy smartphones.  “I know other people spend like, thousands, hundreds, and that’s fine, but I don’t u...
  • Apr 2

    A new app can help protect your privacy by stopping the sale of your consumer data

    We live in a world where every click collects data, but there are ways to keep companies from selling that information to protect your privacy.

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  • New England Mar 29

    Solar eclipse viewing requires protective eyewear – here's what you need to know

    There’s a lot of excitement around the solar eclipse, but you can do real damage if you don’t have the proper eyewear to view it.

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  • Mar 28

    $1.5M in viewer money recovered by NBC10 Boston Responds

    Our NBC10 Boston Responds team has hit a milestone -they’ve recovered more than $1.5 million for our viewers since we launched in 2017.

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  • consumer Mar 27

    Mass. firefighter who survived deadly Station nightclub blaze teaches fire safety to teens

    It can be tough to get through to teenagers. But a Massachusetts firefighter who survived one of the deadliest nightclub fires in New England is doing it. He is sharing his experience to better prepare teens before they head out into the world on their own. ”I’m a survivor of the Station nightclub fire. I know none of you...

  • real estate Mar 27

    Real estate tips for prospective home buyers

    Steve Rife and his family moved to a home in Winchester, Massachusetts, last November. He bought the house back in October — right when interest rates were nearing a historic 8%. He says the house was exactly what they were looking for. “There was a window where the interest rates went up enough that prices started coming down a little…...
  • scam warning Mar 22

    SAT prep scams are targeting parents and students

    High school students across the country are gearing up for the May SATs—the entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. And many are seeking out prep courses to help boost their scores.  But parents, be warned. Scammers who have specific student information are making the rounds. Parents and students are ...
  • personal finance Mar 21

    This Mass. woman paid off $70K in credit card debt – here's how

    Credit card debt is at record levels. U.S. consumers have nearly $1.3 trillion in credit card debt. That’s a head-spinning number, but you know the impact of it if you’re overwhelmed and struggling to pay your own credit card bills.  But even if it seems impossible, you can turn it around. Melissa John Giusti of Bridgewater, Massachusetts...
  • artificial intelligence Mar 20

    AI is helping businesses stop shoplifting in their stores

    Organized retail thefts and smash-and-grab incidents have made headlines recently. But the small-scale shoplifting that happens every day is an ongoing problem that cuts into the profits of small businesses. At the Wild Duck Wine & Spirits store in Boston, shoplifting is a daily problem, and managers have turned to cutting-edge AI technology to...
  • taxes Mar 15

    IRS pilot program aims to make filing easier for Mass. taxpayers

    The tax filing deadline is a little more than a month away, and millions of Massachusetts taxpayers can now take advantage of a free and easy way to send their returns to the IRS. The new IRS Direct File pilot program launched this week across 12 states. Taxpayers who have simple W-2s and claim a standard deduction are eligible to…

  • Shopping Mar 20

    The 5 R's of sustainability can help you be a more conscious consumer

    Being a conscious consumer is good for both the environment and your wallet because it means thinking twice before you buy. An easy way to make sustainable decisions is to follow the 5 R’s of sustainability: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot or compost. Sabrina Auclair owns Unpacked Living, a sustainable refillery store in Bever...
  • Scams Mar 13

    Bank managers save couple from losing $80K to scammers

    We’ve told you plenty of stories about how people have lost significant amounts of money to scams. But there’s an uplifting story about two local bank managers who stepped in and saved the day. Earlier this month, a couple from Nashua, New Hampshire, was targeted in a sophisticated scam. According to Billerica Police, the couple picked up a call......
  • Recalls Mar 11

    How safe are the products in your home?

    How safe are the products in your house? There has been a spike in product recalls in recent years, but it’s on you to guarantee your family’s safety. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group looked at the Consumer Product and Safety Commission’s 323 recalls last year – products that led to 15 deaths, more than 550 injuries and more than&#8230...
  • Scams Mar 7

    How to avoid tax scams

    Tax season is underway. If you still haven’t filed your returns, you still have time. But the IRS wants consumers to be mindful when selecting a tax preparer. The IRS Criminal Investigators took part in 1,409 tax crime cases and found more than $5.5 billion in fraud. Tax scams are going to be out there, so what do you look…

  • Scams Mar 6

    Slam the Scam Day: Here are tips to protect yourself from scammers

    Government imposter scams are becoming more popular. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers lost nearly $2.7 billion in 2023 to scammers posing as government employees. But there is something you can do to protect yourself. Thursday, March 7 is Slam the Scam Day! It’s a day to raise awareness about scams and to encourage people to tak...
  • personal finance Mar 1

    ‘Shrinkflation' is hurting consumers at the grocery store. A new bill aims to stop it

    As inflation continues to plague shoppers at the grocery store, a new bill is looking to crack down on another practice – shrinkflation – that lawmakers say could be costing unwitting consumers even more. Shrinkflation is a term used to describe the practice of companies selling their products in similar packaging, but with less weight,...
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