Getting REAL About Self Care by Taking Control of Your Life

The four principles of an internal decision-making process.

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Ditch the bubble baths and crystals, we're getting real about self care. Okay, maybe you don't need to ditch them completely, but understand they are tools rather than principles, which are at the heart of self care, according to Pooja Lakshmin, a board-certified psychologist.

She wrote the book "Real Self-Care" after years of working in perinatal psychiatry.

She says she realized that most of the practices society typically rely on for self care don't address the issues that cause the need for care in the first place.

Dr. Lakshmin says it comes down to four principles. She challenges everyone to an internal decision-making process to determine what kind of care you need:

  1. Learn how to set boundaries and deal with guilt
  2. Speak to yourself with compassion
  3. Identify your values
  4. Understand that you have power in the face of oppressive systems

Dr. Lakshmin explains the principles, especially the last one, in the latest episode of "Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone." She also talks about life as a new mom, maintaining her mental health and the digital platform Gemma.

Watch above or listen to the podcast version below!

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