Fitting Rooms Can Open by Appointment at Mass. Retail Stores

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At the upscale streetwear boutique Concepts, the fitting rooms can now reopen, but the shop in Boston's Back Bay isn't taking any chances.

"Fitting rooms are closed for now," said manager John Benoit.

Retailers in Massachusetts reopened two weeks ago, and as of Monday, fitting rooms are permitted, but by appointment only.

"The demand is not there right now," said Benoit.

And because everything that's tried on needs to be quarantined for 24 hours, or thoroughly steam-cleaned, there are no returns allowed at Concepts, either.

"We have had people who want to try things on over their clothes, which unfortunately, we still can't allow right now," said Benoit. "There have been some complaints about that because all sales are final, but overall, all the customers have been super understanding."

In South Boston, Hanadi Hamzeh says fitting rooms are critical for shoppers at her consignment locations on Broadway and her second shop in Beacon Hill.

"Fitting rooms are so important," said Hamzeh, who owns Covet. "What separates us from somebody going online to shop is the fact that they can come in, they can see it, they can touch it, and they can try it on."

The state-mandated restrictions at retailers say fitting rooms are encouraged to remain closed but that won't work for a shop like Covet.

"I'd say about 70% of what's purchased is tried on, at least, so it's really important that they have that option," said Hamzeh.

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