‘Very Scary and Worrisome': Huge Spike in Revere Coronavirus Cases Sparks New Initiative

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It's been a tragic stretch in Revere, Massachusetts, with several deaths from coronavirus over the last week.

As of Tuesday night, the number of cases is up to 140. There were only eight a week ago.

"It's very scary and worrisome," said Revere resident Melissa Perez. "I don't want to get my parents sick. I wear this mask, I don't touch my face with my hands, I have hand sanitizer in the car."

Tuesday, Mayor Brian Arrigo announced a new campaign called "Stay Home, Save Lives," because there's concern some people are going out too much.

"We've been putting this message out for weeks now, and to see the numbers increase the way that they have in my city really says we're not doing enough," the mayor said.

The new multilingual effort will include a series of virtual town halls, a citywide mailer with critical information, a Code Red Alert to highlight the urgency of the situation and a mobile city hall to travel the neighborhoods to broadcast important advisories.

"We're just going to meet people where they are, in their homes, on their phones, and get the message across that they should be staying home if at all possible," said Arrigo.

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