2 Women Charged With Attacking Mother and Daughter for Speaking Spanish in East Boston

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video

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Two Revere women are facing charges in connection with an incident earlier this month where a mother and her teenage daughter were allegedly attacked in East Boston for speaking Spanish.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins' office announced Friday that two women -- Jenny Leigh Ennamorati, 25, and Stephanie M. Armstrong, 25 -- have been charged with assault and battery and two counts of violating constitutional rights. Ennamorati is also charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot).

The charges stem from an attack on a 46-year-old mother and her 15-year-old daughter while they were speaking Spanish near the Maverick Square MBTA station on the evening of Feb. 15.

The victims and witnesses allege that the attack occurred without provocation. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

“Hate and intolerance have no place in Suffolk County," Rollins said in a statement. "The sense of privilege that the accused felt to express these words of hate and racism and then physically attack a mother and her daughter is outrageous and reprehensible."

The mother, who identified herself only as Ms. Vasquez, held a press conference on Monday to call on police to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

“My daughter and I were attacked, punched, kicked, and bitten by two white women,” she said. “As they beat us, they yelled 'This is America! Speak English!'"

She said they also yelled "go back to your [expletive] country."

"I’m having nightmares," she added. "I’m afraid to take the train to work, and my family is afraid to speak Spanish in public. My daughter is still wearing a neck brace and she’s having trouble sleeping. We are all very shaken.”

The advocacy group Lawyers for Civil Rights said the two required medical attention after the incident.

The police report said Ennamorati and Armstrong told officers they thought Ms. Vasquez was making fun of them. They also admitted they had been drinking and acting belligerent.

"The rise in hate crimes is completely unacceptable. I take these accusations very seriously and will personally keep an eye on this process step-by-step," Rollins said.

Ennamorati and Armstrong are scheduled to appear in East Boston District Court on March 9.

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