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NBC10 Boston Responds: Rebate Roadblock Solved



    NBC Boston Responds to Rebate Roadblock

    A set of new tires can be expensive, so a $70 rebate sounded good to one NBC 10 Boston viewer, but he hit a roadblock.

    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018)

    David Couture submitted an online rebate form after buying some Cooper tires a few month ago, but his rebate was rejected.

    "I submitted everything online, filled out the forms, sent in the pictures of the receipts, and waited about four weeks," said Couture.

    He says he received a rejection letter, saying his rebate was invalid, because the receipts didn't show the name of the vendor on it. Couture says he double checked the receipts for the set of tires he purchased and determined that he did not make a mistake. He says he called customer service, and after a long wait on hold, he opted to leave his callback information. He says his call was never returned, so he contacted NBC 10 Boston Responds.

    "I just happened to be watching, and saw the commercial, and I was frustrated at that point," said Couture. "If it was $5 rebate, I probably would have said, 'Forget it, I don't care,' but $70 — that's a decent amount of money, so it's worth pursuing."

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    We reached out to Cooper Tires and they immediately sent David a $70 rebate card.

    "Cooper Tires works hard each day to earn the reputation we have for outstanding customer service. In this case, our own high standards were not met and we apologize to Mr. Couture for his experience. We ... will strengthen our training to address opportunities for improvement."

    "I was very happy that you guys came through," said Couture.