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Office Envy: Inside Absolute 47, a Creative Working Space for Creatives

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    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018)

    Many offices that we feature as Office Envies have pretty damn great features that employees can access every day — from Catalant Technologies’s wellness room for new mothers to Promoboxx’s giant chessboard.

    But, say, you need a space for your business meeting only for one day. Say you can afford to rent it for the occasion and that it doesn’t have to be right downtown Boston. And, yes, let’s assume you want something a little out of the ordinary.

    The new Absolute 47 space in Woburn, MA is the kind of place that checks all these boxes. Opened in mid-January 2018, the 1,800-square-feet location offers “creatively themed meeting spaces” that hardly resemble offices, with an atmosphere and a color palette more similar to an enchanted forest.

    Aside from a kitchen and some old-fashioned tables, the place differentiates itself from traditional coworking spaces thanks to a set of unique features. For example, a room called “The Donovan Room” is meant to transport visitors into enjoyable virtual environments, like crashing waves or falling snow. If you need some privacy to get work done, don’t look for cubicles, but get ready to climb into a treehouse-style cushy pod equipped with a Chromebook and LED lighting.

    “Our spaces are created with productivity in mind, but in an environment that fosters creativity, togetherness and mental well-being,” is how the website puts it. Also, the website explains that the reason why the place is called Absolute 47 is that there were 47 known “perfect numbers” in the universe at the time the company was created; being the space “absolutely perfect” in the eyes of the founders, the name Absolute 47 was – not lacking modesty – born.

    Let’s take a virtual tour: