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Alemany Trial’s Jury Tours Boston Crime Scenes

There was no testimony in the Edwin Alemany trial Friday, but the evidence jurors saw first-hand, may have spoken louder than words.

The 15 men and women of the jury were loaded into this white charter bus and taken by Boston Police escort on what's known as a "view" of several locations that may be important to illustrating what Alemany allegedly did to 24-year-old Amy Lord before, during and after her murder.

"The purpose of a view is to help you better understand the evidence that you hear in the course of the trial, it helps you appreciate the location and the surrounding," Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Frank Gaziano said.

The jury started at this Dunkin Donuts where 22-year-old Alexandra Cruz, who testified Thursday, was allegedly attacked about an hour before Lord.

Then jurors moved on to Lord's South Boston apartment where Alemany allegedly abducted her and forced her into her jeep.

In this bus, the jury then traced the terrifying path the two allegedly took on July 23, 2013, as Alemany allegedly forced Lord to withdraw hundred of dollars from three separate Dorchester ATMs.

Then the police escort took jurors into the Stony Brook Reservation in Hyde Park where Alemany allegedly stabbed Lord to death. Jurors walked down the Bold Knob Path where Lord's body was found by a passerby.

The judge cautioned them not to discuss any of what they saw Friday.

"You're not to conduct any independent investigation while we're there or of course return to any location afterwards," the judge said. 

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