Armored Police Truck Stationed Outside House After ‘Nightly Parties'

A resident in a quiet Haverhill, Massachusetts, neighborhood is causing so much trouble, that police have been stationed outside his home for days.

“I’ve lived here for 15 years and it’s been going on all that time,” said a Lexington Avenue resident who did not want to be identified.

She and others in the neighborhood told NBC Boston about what they call a “nuisance neighbor”.

“Over the past year it’s become nightly parties, it appears they sleep during the day, multiple cars from out of state and in state come to the door at all hours of the night,” the woman said.

Haverhill police say between Thursday night and Friday morning they got so many complaints that they decided to deploy their massive armored surveillance truck.

It’s been parked outside 12 Lexington Ave. since Friday.

“You could tell they were very, very upset about what was going on in their neighborhood, to the point it was affecting their lives and their families lives,” said Haverhill Police Detective Lieutenant Robert Pistone.

Neighbors say for the first time in a long time, it’s been a quiet weekend.

“There were no cars racing up and down the street, no loud noises, no honking horns, no foul language, it was very nice,” one resident said.

The Haverhill Police Department acquired the surplus military vehicle last year and turned it into their nuisance abatement vehicle that’s proven effective.

“Anytime we have a problem in a neighborhood, things immediately quiet down,” Pistone explained. “We’re there, we’re present, we’re watching.”

NBC Boston learned that Ian Kessel, 20, lives at the house in question. Kessel is the former Haverhill High football player who was arrested last year for armed robbery.

Neighbors are hoping the recent show of police force will prevent crimes before they happen.

“Knock it off, you know, live a good life, do the right thing,” the neighbor said.

NBC Boston did try to reach Kessel for comment. Two women at his house who didn’t identify themselves said they think the police truck is “ridiculous and unnecessary”.

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