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Beware of High Tides

Saturday was tied for the coldest day of the season (so far). In Boston, the low temperature was 34° - it was chilly, but the city is still freeze-free. The average date for the first freeze in Boston is November 9th. Last year the first freeze came early — October 19. The latest it’s been in the last 5 years was November 24, 2011.

We also have a full moon coming up! The moon will be reaching perigee — the shortest distance the earth gets to the moon — 221,524 miles. It’s the first time it’s this close since 1948 and won’t happen again until 2034. Sunday night into Monday morning — the moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter.

Since the moon and earth are so close together, there is increased gravitational pull, which will lead to astronomically high tides. We saw increased tides one month ago, which caused minor flooding. This round of flooding could be worse.

There is another factor, which could make the astronomically high tide even worse — a coastal storm. It won’t be a strong Nor’easter, but it will bring some wind and rain. There will be an onshore wind. Water will be able to pile up even more with east and northeast winds — waves could also be big enough to cause beach erosion. The storm will move into the area Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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