Black Bear Makes Several Appearances in Burlington, Mass.

After several sightings in a Massachusetts community, a black bear has become a local celebrity.

A police sergeant in Burlington said he spotted the bear near Barnes and Noble Monday night. An Animal Control officer saw it Friday and the staff at Buffalo Wild Wings got video of the bear leaving the dumpsters on Wednesday night.

Manager Albert Henry said there was no mistaking it was a bear.

"No, no, no it was too big. Great Danes are big but not that big and fluffy," said Henry. "It was hairy and all black with a gray face."

Albert said he was taking out the trash when he saw a shadow.

"I just turned around and it looked at me and I just went, 'OK. That's a black bear.' I reached for the door, opened it and went back inside."

Burlington police said they have received a number of calls in the past week from people who have spotted the bear near high traffic areas. Sgt. Kevin Doherty said it's not unusual to see bears in Burlington and this one is likely getting in its last meals before hibernation.

Doherty stressed the best way to keep everyone safe, including the bear, is to stay clear.

"The reality of the situation is, it's a wild animal. It's a bear. It's a large bear," said Doherty. "And unfortunately the more people who have interactions with it may drive him into an area where it could become dangerous or a hazard."

For Henry, he said he has never expected to see wildlife while working at Buffalo Wild Wings.

"Hopefully he's getting his last meals, going home to bed and I hope I don't have to see him again," said Henry.

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