‘Elsa' Comes to Stuck Boston Police Vehicle's Rescue in Viral Video

The video shows Elsa's "unmitigated commitment to helping get the truck unstuck," the impersonator told The Boston Globe

Video of a Boston lawyer dressed as Queen Elsa from the animated movie "Frozen" helping a Boston police vehicle stuck in deep, deep, deep, deep snow is going viral on social media.

When the police wagon got struck in snow in the city's South End on Tuesday night, Jason Triplett, dressed as Elsa in a long blue-green gown and blonde wig, jumped into action.

He was caught on video by Chris Haynes, who was dining nearby.

Triplett told The Boston Globe he bought the costume last winter and wore it Tuesday to give his friends a laugh.

Haynes says the best part is that the video shows Elsa's "unmitigated commitment to helping get the truck unstuck."

Diners at the restaurant watching the mired police wagon could be heard laughing in the video as Triplett tried to push the vehicle out of the snow and gestured to the driver to turn the vehicle's wheels.

A Boston police spokesman says the officers in the stuck vehicle "would like to thank the Elsa-impersonator for the assist."

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