Bourne Firefighter Arrested for Alleged OUI With Loaded Guns

Police in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, arrested a Bourne firefighter for an alleged OUI early Tuesday morning.

Alexander Heikkila, 31, from Plymouth, Massachusetts, was pulled over after a caller reported to police that a truck crossed the center line on Route 28 in Yarmouth and almost struck the caller head-on.

A Yarmouth police officer pulled Heikkila over and noticed Heikkila's slurred speech, the odor of alcohol, as well as a gun between the center counsel and the driver’s seat.

Heikkila failed a field sobriety test, and a search of his vehicle revealed several loaded handguns. He was placed under arrest for several charges, including OUI and an intoxicated licensee carrying a firearm.

It was not clear if Heikkila has an attorney. 

The Bourne fire chief is investigating the incident and will make a determination on Heikkila's status with the department.

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