Fourth of July

Can Fireworks Come Back on July 4th? Mass. Communities Consider It, But It's Not Easy

Containing coronavirus is key, but it turns out that's not the only factor to bringing back Fourth of July fireworks

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Salem usually has fireworks on July 4th. But, like most places in Massachusetts and around the country, the city shelved this year’s celebration because of the pandemic.

But with restrictions easing, Salem is one place that's reconsidering.

Some think that’s great, like local Arthur Lormio: “I think we need that right now. It would be a great idea.”

Amy Gagne agreed: “I would love it. Lots of people. As of now, looks like everybody's getting vaccinated and everybody’s being very careful.”

Containing coronavirus is key, but it's not the only factor. In Worcester, the Chamber of Commerce said there’s a lot more to it than that.

They gave us a statement saying they would not be reconsidering the cancellation of the fireworks show.

“As you can imagine, there’s a significant amount of planning that goes into the Worcester Independence Day event – typically a 6-month endeavor,” the statement said.

Gov. Charlie Baker announces that all Massachusetts COVID-19 restrictions, including wearing masks, will be lifted on May 29. He also announced that the state of emergency will be lifted June 15.

Attleboro, on the other hand, is thinking about it. Mayor Paul Heroux told us: “I have had a couple of conversations about this. We would need to find a vendor on such short notice. If we can find a vendor and properly plan for it, I’m willing to have a traditional celebration.”

But some we spoke with in Salem say they just aren’t sure if they'd be comfortable with it. 

“We really don’t know yet if it’s going to be safe to have massive crowds and there will be people reveling and partying, and I’ve seen Salem when it’s massively crowded,” Karen Gourley Lehman said.

And Shiela Billings said she can be patient: “I am a believer in science and if the numbers made me feel safe then I would go. Otherwise, I think after all this I could wait for next year.”

The plan in Salem was to have fireworks on Heritage Day in August, so one way or another, there will be fireworks here this summer. Just not necessarily on the Fourth of July.

Boston officials are warning people that they will be on high alert for illegal fireworks during the Fourth of Jul,y weekend.
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