Street Remains Closed Day After Car Crashes Into Stores in Roslindale

Engineers spent hours overnight securing the building from collapse

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Cleanup crews returned to a partially collapsed building in Roslindale Monday morning after a car slammed into the side of a block of stores just the day before.

Emergency crews responded to Corinth Street in Roslindale just before 9 a.m. on Sunday morning after a car crashed through the building, exposing Beautiful By Sarah, a skin care and makeup studio, and the adjacent Leise Jones Photography studio to the elements.

Engineers spent hours overnight securing the building from collapse. Crews had to use an excavator to remove the car that crashed through the building. Corinth Street remains closed to traffic.

“Every business up there, we’re all small business owners. We’re all entrepreneurs. It’s a lot of solo entrepreneurs, family businesses, the owners are family people, we all live in the neighborhood so it’s going to be I think a real test of the Roslindale community and we’ll be looking for the support from our neighborhoods and help from people who are around.” said Leise Jones.

"I have gone back and forth between adrenaline rush, heightened senses, and I've bawled my eyes out for at least an hour already," said Sarah Kosky, owner of Beautiful By Sarah.

The driver was taken to an area hospital by Boston EMS, fire officials said.

Witnesses on scene said the driver was able to get out before a chunk of the brick façade fell onto the car. The only noticeable injuries on the driver appeared to be cuts on his head and face.

"We are just amazed the person got out with minor injuries," said someone at the scene.

The biggest concern for firefighters was a potential collapse.

Crews used a front end loader to remove the car embedded in the building.

The small business owners we talked to asked for people to come out and support them.

"I don’t know what I am going to do," said Kosky. "This would be hard at any time, but at Christmas, it’s heartbreaking.”

Mayor Michelle Wu made an appearance at the crash site on Sunday, and offered support to the business owners.

"Our priority is to do whatever we can to do to help people get on their feet," said Mayor Wu.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Officials said the driver was not driving under the influence.

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