Cold Front Moves In Bringing Scattered Showers

Widespread clouds this morning were courtesy of a marine layer of air that penetrated far inland last night, but the strong May sun angle will help to erode these clouds, delivering a fair sky for one and all for the afternoon and evening.

In fact, an approaching cold front will induce a southwest wind, meaning coastal locales like Boston that have been cool with an onshore wind the last few days will warm up, at least by late afternoon, with a new wind blowing over the land.

The approaching cold front will deliver scattered afternoon and evening showers with a rumble of thunder to western New England and a few evening showers east after dinner, marking the leading edge to an invigorating air that will deliver a fair and pleasant Friday with a brisk start and highs in the 60s south and 50 in North Country.

Warm air tries to return to New England Saturday but collides with the fresh, cooler air, meaning a period of cool rain is probable, but we’re hopeful drier air will flex its muscle again for Mother’s Day, shunting rain south.

The same front — clash of cool and milder air — will be the focal point of our weather next week, with its position determining both temperature and precipitation chances in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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