New Arrest in Beating of Corrections Officer in Boston

An arrest has been made in the Thursday beating of a Suffolk County correctional officer in Boston, police said Friday, after another man was in court for an alleged attempted robbery connected to the attack.

Sean Stuart, 51, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated assault and battery, according to police. The announcement came hours after the other man, Torre Jenkins, was arraigned on charges of breaking into the Suffolk County correctional officer's vehicle during the attack in Boston's "Methadone Mile."

A crowd on Atkinson Street joined in on an attack on officer Sabat Tejada as he was heading to work at the nearby Suffolk County House of Correction, police said.

Jenkins, 45, of Boston, was allegedly in the crowd that attacked Tejada. Other members of law enforcement saw Jenkins enter Tejada's vehicle and attempt to move it, according to the court filing. Jenkins was allegedly seen "rummaging through the vehicle."

Friday evening, police were asking people their names, checking their identifications and running the information on iPads. Some people were taken into custody while others were let go. Authorities did not publicly give a reason for the detentions.

While Tejada recovers at home, his fellow correction officers filled the courtroom Friday to see the man who allegedly tried to steal his car.

Jenkins said from behind glass in court Friday that he "didn't do anything."

"All I did was try to get the car out of the road," he said.

Jenkins said he was not trying to steal the off-duty officer's car, but tried to move it.

The assault, which is still under investigation, was caught on surveillance camera. Hours afterward, police arrested over a dozen people in the area, known as "Methadone Mile" for its treatment clinics as well as street drug use.

When Jenkins was being arrested, police initially thought he had a gun, according to a court document made public Friday. It was later revealed to be a black plastic replica gun.

Jenkins was also allegedly found with three types of pills on him, including Adderall, as well two pipes with an unidentified white residue, according to the court document.

Authorities later learned Jenkins had four outstanding warrants which includes assault and battery on a public employee, correctional institution disturbance, and disorderly conduct.

A previous case out of Boston for threatening and disorderly conduct caused the bail on the past case to be revoked.

Jenkins was ordered held on $750 bail during his court appearance Friday. He was charged with attempted theft and breaking and entering during his arraignment in Roxbury District Court. The judge ordered him to be held without bail for 60 days.

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