Falling Debris From Home Under Demolition Crushes SUV in Cambridge

A section of an abandoned house being demolished in Cambridge, Massachusetts, fell onto a parked vehicle on Friday morning.

The debris, which photos showed was part of the structure's roof, fell from the Cedar Street building just after 8 a.m., according to police. Pieces of the building also landed on the sidewalk.

Nobody was in the vehicle at the time and no injuries were reported. The vehicle was totaled.

Anita Scheuring, the owner of the Nissan Pathfinder that was crushed, was inside a nearby apartment.

"I heard it and then I heard some yelling, but I had no idea that meant the building was now on my car," Scheuring said. "It was a loud sound, just of the whole house coming down, but this has been going on for four days. I did think it was just part of the demolition."

The city has ordered work to stop on the demolition until crews get the proper permits to protect the sidewalk next to the house.

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