Derek Sanderson Hopes Bruins Repeat History Against Blues in Stanley Cup Final

This year's Stanley Cup Final between the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins is a rematch nearly half a century in the making.

The last time St. Louis made it this far was back in 1970, when the Bruins swept the Blues after Bobby Orr's iconic, series-winning goal.

Former Bruins player Derek Sanderson was on the team and assisted with that goal. He sat down with NBC10 Boston to talk about it now that the Bruins are playing the Blues in the final again.

"You're frozen for that second, like this is really happening," Sanderson said. "I saw the puck spinning around and I'm looking at the referee like, no penalties, everything is good. Now we can celebrate."

Sanderson said he does not make predictions, but he thinks the Bruins have what it takes this year to celebrate a victory over the Blues just like he did.

Sanderson's picture, and one of the sticks his team used back then, are just some of the mementos on dispatch in Sports Museum at the TD Garden.

Museum curator Richard Johnson said the Bruins journey to the final this year is similar to 1970.

"You have both Bruins teams sweeping their conference opponent going into the final," Johnson said. "I'm hoping the parallels continue and we'll be planning for a parade in two weeks' time."

Johnson said he does not want to jinx anything, but he is not the only one hoping history repeats itself.

"I hope so. I really do," Sanderson said. "I hope the Bruins win and I hope they win it at home."

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