Downright Deluge of Rain

Downpours came in fast and furious this afternoon. First wave arrived by 1-2pm, with plenty more to follow. A strong jet stream will lift a lot of moist air and wring it out over New England overnight and early tomorrow morning. The end result will be 1-2 inches of water coming out of the clouds. Rivers and streams will rise, but should remain within bankfull as the storm slowly unravels and departs tomorrow afternoon.

Winds have been increasing along the coast all afternoon, with some gusts topping 30mph at times. That will continue tonight before dropping off tomorrow as the storm weakens. All that water piling up along the coast along with astronomically high tides will mean some minor splash over either side of 11pm tonight and 11am tomorrow. Expect some shore roads to be covered in water.

Once the storm moves out, we'll get the green light to start the warmup. As a matter of fact, temperatures get a little lift from the storm as early as tomorrow morning. We'll rise into the 50s, with a solid shot at 60 in spots tomorrow afternoon.

By Thursday, when the sun returns, we'll get a good shake at 70 in many towns and cities in Greater Worcester and Metrowest. May be a stretch to see highs get out of the 60s along the coast with a gentle onshore wind.

Early summer heat is back late week with sunny skies and highs near 80 Friday and Saturday! Pollen, bugs, sunscreen (not necessarily in that order) along with a slight chance at an afternoon t-storm come into view as well. Heat should slump back to the 60s by Sunday, but it seems spring has full command of the extended forecast.

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