Driver Fleeing Cops Speeds Through Ashland Neighborhood, Rams Cruiser, Police Say

"This subject was operating with just total disregard for the safety of the public," the police chief said

A driver fleeing police cruisers rammed into another one in Ashland, Massachusetts, Wednesday, authorities said, and later seemed to express regret that he didn't run over an officer on foot.

Jeffrey Beale had run a red light in Framingham and didn't stop for local police, according to Ashland police Chief Vincent Alfano. The white sedan crossed into Ashland on Route 126 going about 80 mph in a congested area.

Police tried to intercept the car, and a cruiser on a backroad noticed it come toward him, then turn and speed into a residential neighborhood, according to police.

"There were all kinds of joggers in the neighborhood, running around. There were people out in the streets, and this subject was operating with just total disregard for the safety of the public," Alfano said.

The car rammed the cruiser — police believe intentionally — after swinging around a dead end circle road, Alfano said. The car spun out and the officer, who got out of the car, ordered Beale to get out. 

Instead, police said, Beale revved the engine. After a standoff of 30-60 seconds, Beale did surrender and was arrested, but he allegedly told police while being booked that he "was gonna run that cop over."

"It was pretty fast, but crazy," neighbor Ali Jenkins said.

While a crack pipe was found in the car, according to police, they say it's not clear if the driver was on drugs.

It wasn't immediately clear if Beale had an attorney who could speak to his arrest.

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