Grad Student Seeks 3 Strangers Who Saved Him — and His Lunch — After Seizure

Aaron Horwin is trying to find the people who called 911 and tended to him until paramedics arrived after he suffered a seizure in Boston's Back Bay

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Aaron Horwin is hoping to connect with the good Samaritans who made a difference in his life.

"I had a seizure, fell down, struck my head on the pavement," said the Boston University graduate student.

Horwin, who has epilepsy, was walking home on Commonwealth Avenue from Chipotle in Boston's Back Bay last week when he collapsed.

"They kept my head elevated," he said of the people who helped him. "Did everything they were supposed to do. So it was very kind."

Horwin knows it was two women and a man who called 911 and tended to him until paramedics arrived.

He blacked out and had a concussion, but it could have been worse.

"People having seizures sometimes actually choke on their own tongue, so that's a pretty big risk," he said.

The 23-year-old wrote about the incident on Reddit, hoping it would reach the three people who stopped to help.

"Even if the message doesn't quite reach them, I think it has a positive impact in the community," he said. "A lot of people were really uplifted by the message, I think, just complete strangers helping each other."

Not only did the three strangers make sure he was OK, but they also made sure his food got to his front door.

"They actually also took my burrito bowls, took my keys, and brought the burrito back to my apartment, left it in the lobby, so that was also very nice," he said.

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