Hard Habit to Break

Just when you thought we were coming out of this cool, wet spell (with all the sun and mild temps yesterday), the weather pattern turns gloomy. A stubbornly stalled weather system has parked itself over New England through at least Thursday, and like the band Chicago once sang, it's A Hard Habit to Break.

One of the main reasons for that is the pattern is all blocked up. From Alaska to Greenland, weather systems have ground to a halt. So it's a case of what you see is what you get...for a good, long while.

For us that means below normal temps and a chance for a few pop-up (at least they're not all day) showers. That's super news for the lawns and cool weather plants, but not good news for people trying to get tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in their gardens.

Speak of, I'm also concerned about the prospect for frost. With most of the clouds holding overnight, I think we'll be spared any chance tonight, but Wednesday morning and Thursday morning are potential prospects. Best to play it safe and keep the potted plants and seedlings inside through the work week.

Long range maps are telling of a big, wet storm for Mother's Day. At this point, it seems part of Saturday looks dry, but I'm not making any prospects just yet.

June can't come soon enough.

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