Iconic Sky Bar Candy Resumes Production After Yearlong Hiatus

The multi-flavored chocolate bar is being made by Duck Soup in Sudbury, Massachusetts

The Sky Bar, the multi-flavored chocolate bar divided into four sections, is back on the market after a yearlong hiatus.

The Boston Globe reports that production of the confection has resumed at a suburban gourmet shop less than a year after the owner bought rights to the brand in an online auction.

The Sky Bar made its debut in 1938 but was discontinued last year when the New England Confectionery Co., also known as Necco, went out of business.

Louise Mawhinney, owner of Duck Soup in Sudbury, bought the rights to the Sky Bar in January.

The candy bar, divided into caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge sections, is available in the store and online for $1.98. After the holidays, Mawhinney plans to get a wholesale license and ramp up operations.

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