Is Anyone the Frontrunner in New Hampshire? Latest Polls Paint Very Different Pictures

If you're feeling a bit confused after seeing the results of the three most recent polls of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters, you're not alone.

Three polls released this week by different outlets had differing results. 

Most polls up to this point have had Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders in the lead. But a Saint Anselm College poll released last week had 37-year-old South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg leading the field and Sanders a distant fourth.

But three new polls released this week have only served to muddy the waters, with Sanders leading the pack in two and Biden topping the field in the third.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday had Biden retaking the lead, with 24% support, followed by Buttigieg at 16%, Warren at 14% and Sanders at 13%.

But an Emerson College poll released the same day had Sanders leading at 26%, followed by a surging Buttigieg at 22% and then Biden and Warren with 14% apiece.

Sanders also led a Suffolk University poll released Monday, with 16%, followed by Warren at 14%, Buttigieg at 13% and Biden at 12%.

So is Sanders now having a moment? Is the Buttigieg surge for real? It seems it's too soon to tell.

The New Hampshire Primary is set for Feb. 11, giving the Democratic candidates just over two months to continue jockeying for position.

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