Items from Failed Boston Grand Prix Up For Auction

The auction took place Wednesday afternoon

Items from the failed Boston Grand Prix were auctioned off in Holbrook, Massachusetts, on Wednesday afternoon.

The auction started at noon and took place online and in person.

The Paul Saperstein Auction House held the event at 144 Centre Street.

Among the items that were up for auction were the race blocks or barriers as well as model cars, trailers, and show car tugs.

The items are remnants of the Boston Indy Car Race Series that was supposed to be a huge draw and win for the city over the Labor Day weekend. Organizers abruptly canceled the event and filed for bankruptcy months earlier and still owe millions of dollars to vendors and people who bought tickets.

Mark Blotner, who attended the auction, eventually paid $7,000 for one of the display cars which does not have a real engine or is approved for the road.

"My wife's going to kill me," said Blotner.

The other display car sold for $10,000 and both trailers went to a bidder for $9,000.

As for the concrete barriers still sitting on Massport's property, only a few hundred sold, at $25 each.

"As a trustee you always want more, because there's more money for creditors," said Trustee Gary Cruickshank.

A full list of the items up for auction can be found online.

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