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Ivanka Trump, Sen. Susan Collins Talk Tax Reform in Maine

Seeking its first legislative victory, the Trump administration may see an ally in a Senator who had been an obstacle: Maine’s senior Senator, Susan Collins.

Collins did not support Donald Trump’s candidacy for President and said she did not vote for him. Since Trump took office, the Republican Senator has proven to be a key vote on big agenda items, breaking from her party to block efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare last summer.

Now that the focus is on tax reform, Ivanka Trump may be courting Collins to gain support. The First Daughter traveled to Biddeford, Maine Friday to attend a tax reform panel discussion with Senator Collins.

"Tax reform is the most critical goal," said Ivanka Trump. She said the administration’s goal is to promote job creation while giving relief to middle income families. She called Senator Collins a “champion” for the people in Maine, and she will be instrumental in making tax reform a reality.

Senator Collins complimented the Adviser to the President, saying that Ivanka has been a leader on tax reform discussions.

Collins has not stated if she supports any tax plan that has been presented so far. She has raised concerns about proposals to slash individual tax rates for top earners, and the elimination of the estate tax.

Opponents of the GOP tax plan are urging Collins to resist it.

"The Republican tax plan overwhelmingly benefits the wealthiest Americans and corporations," said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett.

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