Korean War Veteran Dies Alone; Funeral Director Asks Public to Honor Her

A funeral director in Methuen, Massachusetts, is asking people in the area to show their support to a Korean War veteran who died with no one left to say goodbye.

Eileen Robichaud's life was filled with adventure.

She joined the Navy after high school and served honorably in Korea.

When her service ended, she moved to California, then moved back to Metheun, where she opened a beauty salon.

She wanted more. Robichaud went back to school, sold the salon, and started a new career as a consultant.

She was known to travel New England in a 23-foot Jamboree Camper she bought with her mom.

Robichaud died two weeks ago, days after her 84th birthday.

She was an only child, never married, never had kids, and has no one to go to her funeral.

"I don't think anyone should be laid to rest, no matter who they are, by themselves," said Aaron Mizen, director at the Kenneth H. Pollard Funeral Home in Metheun.

Mizen wrote Robichaud's obituary despite never having met her.

"I just take little glances at people's lives, trying to figure out about the basic stories and what I've heard and piece together a puzzle," said Mizen.

The funeral director has seen people who served die alone before.

"With a thing like this, I get the word out," said Mizen.

Robichaud will be buried on Friday at 11 a.m. at Elmwood Cemetery in Metheun with military honors.

Mizen is asking for anyone to come celebrate her life.

"I think she deserves that honor to have somebody to say something and celebrate her life on her behalf," said Mizen.

Robichaud will be buried next to her father.

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