New England Man Has Never Missed a Super Bowl

The 81-year-old has already bought tickets for his, and the world's, 52nd Super Bowl.

It takes a dedicated Patriots fan to buy the tickets and travel to the Super Bowl. But it takes a “Super Fan” to attend all 52 Super Bowls.

Don Crisman of Kennebunk, Maine is one of just three people in the world who can say they’ve never missed a Super Bowl.

“Really blessed is a good way to put it,” said Crisman. “Blessed to have a woman who puts up with me, and blessed that I’ve got there.”

With his tickets for Super LII in hand, Crisman is packing his bags for Minneapolis and preparing to watch his favorite team play in the big game again.

“I think this team is fully capable,” he said. “As long as Tom is back there throwing the ball, I think our chances are good.”

Crisman used to say his favorite Super Bowl was watching the Patriots win for the first time, but last year’s shocking comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons is now the game to beat. He doubts he will ever see a game that thrilling.

He remembers watching the comeback in the stadium, thinking , “Did this really happen, or is this just a dream?”

At 81 years old, Crisman never imagined his Super Bowl streak would last this long. He had a goal of going to the first 50 games, but he can’t seem to stop.

“If the Patriots get in, all bets are off,” he said. “So who knows what next year will bring?”

Back in 1967, tickets were just $12. They’re a lot more expensive now, but Crisman says membership in the elite “Never Miss A Super Bowl Club” is priceless. They have met celebrities, been featured in the center fold of the Super Bowl program, and even starred in a Super Bowl commercial.

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