Man Allegedly Ran Retail Crime Ring Out of Leominster Video Store

Police say John Duplease of Lancaster, Massachusetts, the owner of Adopt A Video in Leominster, was at the center of a retail crime ring, making more than $1 million off stolen goods

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The Adopt A Video shop in Leominster, Massachusetts, sticks out in 2021, when video rental stores are increasingly rare.

Inside, police say owner John Duplease was selling more than videos. Duplease is accused of stashing about 1,700 stolen items in the store.

At his home in Lancaster, police say they found more — another 4,600 pieces of stolen merchandise, from Legos to power tools to coffee machines.

Police say the store owner is at the center of a retail crime ring, having more than 26 shoplifters steal good from stores. Duplease would allegedly buy the items for cash, then sell them on Amazon and eBay.

Duplease made more than $1 million in the process, police said.

The Lancaster Police Department says it first got a tip about Duplease in 2007.

State police say they seized four vehicles, 27 guns and a crossbow from Duplease's home.

At the video rental store, a sign on the door Thursday read, "we will be closed today due to a medical emergency."

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