More Cancellations, Power Outages After 2nd Blast of Snow

Boston was not under a snow emergency, meaning the city's "space saver" system was not in effect

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Hundreds of schools were cancelled and people were advised to stay off the roads Tuesday as the first widespread snowstorm of the season continued to hammer the region with snow.

In a tweet, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency urged those who must drive to clear all snow and ice from their vehicles and maintain a safe distance from other cars.

However, Boston was not under a snow emergency, meaning the city's "space saver" system was not in effect.

Chris Osgood, Boston’s chief of streets, said any space savers on the streets would be confiscated.

NBC10 Boston and necn meteorologist Michael Page urged caution amid the snowy conditions.

"If you can delay your commute by even just 2 hours, conditions will greatly improve," he Tweeted.

In some spots, several inches of snow fell atop snow from Monday, creating slick roads. Several car crashes were reported during the early morning commute.

About 600 pieces of equipment were out Tuesday in Boston to clear the streets for motorists who need to hit the road, according to Osgood.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation the speed limit to be reduced to 40 mph on Interstate 90.

Here are six things that may help keep you and your loved ones safe in a snowstorm.

Due to the storm, more than 2,300 customers throughout the Bay State lost power, according to MEMA. In wake of the conditions, hundreds of schools in New England have announced closures and delays. To see a full list, click here.

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