Blizzard Conditions, 20+ Inches of Snow for Some

Blizzard conditions have been verified for Middle Cape Cod, the Upper Cape, the South Shore and the city of Boston in Tuesday's storm, with all of those locations verifying three or more consecutive hours of near-zero visibility and frequent wind gusts over 35 mph.

By the time the storm wraps up, it’s likely we’ll add locations along the Maine coast to the blizzard list, too.

The worst wind for southern New England roared through during the late morning through early afternoon, with gusts as high as an unofficial 88 mph in Falmouth, Massachusetts, where wind damage was so severe the Falmouth Police Department issued a request for residents to shelter in place.

The snow takes a longer time to wind down after dumping over 20 inches on some Boston suburbs, decreasing in intensity incrementally and not entirely shutting down in some Massachusetts and New Hampshire border towns until predawn Wednesday, meaning even those of us who clear the driveway Tuesday evening will have to freshen up the job again Wednesday morning.

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In northern New England, snow not only continues into Wednesday morning, but pockets of accumulating snow will continue through most of the day, adding several more inches of accumulation to the mountains and bringing most communities to somewhere between one and two feet, and some mountains closer to three or four feet!

Even Thursday will still feature some snow showers in northern New England, though elsewhere, the March sun angle – akin to September sun – will have an impact, even through building clouds, to bump temperatures warm enough for some gradual melting.

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We’ll likely remain storm-free for the upcoming weekend, as daytime high temperatures hover in the 40s south and 30s north, making for quiet weather for the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston on Sunday afternoon.

Another storm is a possibility next week – centered somewhere around Tuesday – with our exclusive NBC10 Boston and necn computer guidance showing a 40 percent chance of snow or rain, and that’s reflected in our Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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