Neighbors Remember Woman Shot, Killed on Weymouth Porch

Vera Adams, 77, was in her sunroom when she was struck and killed by bullets police say were fired by Emanuel Lopes

What to Know

  • Police say Vera Adams, 77, was in the sunroom of her Weymouth home when she was struck and killed by bullets.
  • Police said Adams was killed by Emanuel Lopes after he allegedly crashed the car he was driving and gunned down officer Michael Chesna.
  • Neighbors said Adams lived alone after her husband passed away a number of decades ago.

Neighbors are remembering an elderly woman who was shot and killed Sunday morning during a confrontation between a man and a Massachusetts police officer.

Seventy-seven-year Vera Adams was at her Torrey Street home in Weymouth when she was fatally shot.

The Norfolk District Attorney's office said 20-year-old Emanuel Lopes fired at Adams when he saw her looking at him through a window.

"Pissed is all I can say, it's upsetting," one woman said of the new revelation.

Sue Nicholas says it's still hard to believe her neighbor of more than 30 years is gone.

"She was a hot ticket, I keep saying that. She had so much life to her," said Nicholas.

Adams was killed not long after Lopes allegedly attacked Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna with a stone and then shot him multiple times with Chesna's own gun after Chesna approached Lopes as he was vandalizing a home during a response to a report of an erratic driver.

Authorities say Lopes fired at least three shots as he ran from the scene, hitting Adams in the chest while she was apparently in her sunroom. 

"But she always did sit in that sunroom, especially on a nice beautiful Sunday morning. I'm sure she seen it coming real quick," said Nicholas.

Since the shooting, a memorial growing outside the home has been attracting people of all ages who want to pay their respects.

"I don’t think it was right that she got shot for just being in her house. She wasn’t doing anything wrong," said Leighanna MacDonald of Weymouth.

Neighbor George Camacho and his 10-year-old son Sebastian stopped by Adams's home saying they had fond memories of her.

"When he’s come around for Halloween, he just always remembers her for giving good candy," Camacho said.

Neighbors said Adams lived alone after her husband passed away a number of decades ago. She had worked in the insurance business but apparently has no immediate family.

"It’s just weird to see that she’s gone you know and the way she went is what’s more disturbing," said Nicholas.

Dorothy Canniff, a board member at Weymouth Elder Services, said Adams often played bingo. Even though she lived alone, she had plenty of friends in the community and will always be remembered for her fun nature and generous spirit.

"God bless her. She will stay in my prayers," said Canniff.

Adam's funeral arrangements are being made for later this week.

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